School lunches

Miles City School District #1 (Breakfast)

Breakfast Menu May

3rd Cereal, mixed fruit and milk

4th Muffins, mandarin oranges, and milk

5th Danishes, apple smiles, and milk

6th Pancakes/syrup, grapes and milk

7th Granola bars, string cheese, pineapple and milk


All meals are served with milk options




Miles City School District #1   (Lunch)

Lunch Menu- May

3rd Cajun chicken pasta, mini croissant, corn and grapes

4th Cooks Choice

5th Chicken Alfredo, mini croissants, mixed veggies and pineapple

6th Haystacks, refried beans, fresh veggies w/ranch and apple slices

7th  Classroom Lottery



All meals are served with milk.

Sacred Heart School (Lunch) 1% Milk Served with Lunch – May

3rd Green sauce chicken enchiladas, veggies and fruit

4th Sloppy Joes, veggies and fruit

5th Turkey Wraps, veggies and fruit

6th Chicken on green salad and fruit

7th Fish with rice, veggies and fruit

All meals are served with 1% and skim milk

Miles City Soup Kitchen Monthly Menu – May



Congregate Meal Menu – May

3rd Baked Ham

5th Salisbury Steak

7th Shrimp

10th Meatloaf

12th Baked Pork Chop

14th Pork Steak

17th Hamburger Deluxe

19th Country Style Ribs

21st Baked Chicken

24th Hamburger Steak

26th Steak

28th Chicken Fried Steak

31st Chicken Alfredo